Real Property Law Services
in Santa Cruz County

Real property refers to the land, anything that is permanently attached to the land, and all of the rights of the ownership of the land, as well as the right to possess, sell, lease, and use the land. Real property is often classified according to its general use as residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, or special purpose. The experts at Tunink Law have over 29 years of experience in real property law, let us advocate on your behalf.

The Real Property attorneys at Tunink Law will handle your cases that involve “real” property – such as real estate or land and advising who may own or use that property. Our Real Property attorneys can handle either residential or commercial and govern single owners with renters or individual owners. Allow us to apply our skills to your real estate case, our all encompassing approach will ensure you are completely prepared, and leave nothing on the table.   

Contact us at our main office located near Santa Cruz, CA to discuss how we can assist with your real property legal needs today.