Legal Services in Santa Cruz County, CA

Tunink Law Firm in Capitola, CA offers the skill and experience required to manage the various aspects of commercial contracts, real estate law, trust and estate documents, business litigation, labor and employment representation.

Business Law

Sometimes categorized as civil law, business law governs business and commerce, handling issues of private law and public law. Commercial law governs hiring practices, corporate contracts, and the sales and manufacture of consumer goods. Whereas Business law handles the dealings between people and commercial matters. 

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Trusts & Estates

A trusts and estates attorney specializes in writing trusts, drafting wills, tax planning, and other estate documents. They also advise on retirement plans, life insurance, charitable contributions as well as helping their clients determine the exact distribution of their estate.

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Litigation lawyers represent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits. They handle all phases of the investigation from pretrial to the appeal process. Tasks can vary depending on whether the attorney is representing the plaintiff or the defendant.

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Real Property Law

Real Property attorneys handle cases that involve “real” property – such as real estate or land and advising who may own or use that property. Real Property attorneys can practice either residential or commercial and govern single owners with renters or individual owners.

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Labor & Employment

Most Labor and Employment lawyers have a mix of counseling and litigation in their practice. While counseling, they could advise businesses or employees with day-to-day concerns, such as wrongful termination or sick days. While litigating, the attorney could be interviewing witnesses to drafting pleadings for their clients.

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